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Low Maintenance dog
Low Maintenance dog

22 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for First Time Dog Owners

Looking for a low maintenance dog that’s easy to care? We totally get that.

You’re busy with life, but you want to add a new family member –  so ideally you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t need 100% of your time. 

Well, the good news is we did most of the research for you. Now  you can go through all the breeds we’ve chosen and get started finding your new best friend.

We’ve selected 22 breeds we feel are the easiest dogs to own (in one way or another), and ranked them based on several criteria.

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What is Low Maintenance Dog?Low Maintenance Dog – Medium Breeds
There’s Always Exceptions!1. Basset Hound
 Training Is Required2. Beagle
 The Rating System3. Cocker Spaniel
Low Maintenance  Dogs – Small BreedsLow Maintenance Dog-   Large Breeds
1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel1. Bernese Mountain Dog
2. Chihuahua 2. Greyhound
3. Dachshund 3. Newfoundland Dog
4. Havanese 4. Standard Poodle
5. Maltese 5. Standard Schnauzer
6. Miniature Schnauzer 6. Labrador Retriever
7. Papillon 7. Golden Retriever
 8. Pomeranian
 9. Pug
10. Shih Tzu 
11. Toy  Poodle 
12. Yorkshire Terrier 

What is Low Maintenance Dog?

Before we begin we need to ask: “What is low maintenance dog?” Easy to trainable pooch? That less shed? Children and seniors both can appreciate? Possibly a pooch that is apathetic and likes to relax throughout the day?

The meaning of low upkeep contrast from individuals to individuals, so we’ve evaluated each pooch breed on every one of these attributes so you can settle on a simple choice.

There’s Always Exceptions!

These aren’t hard standards, there’s consistently special cases to every one of these rankings, so please remember that our appraisals are progressively similar to rules. You may wind up with an exceptionally lively canine that should be very languid, or a disagreeable variant of a regularly quiet pooch. You’ll need to train each puppy dependent on their character

Preparing Is Required

Your canine will be acquainted with another home and new proprietors – it’s a ton to take in. You’ll need to invest a decent measure of energy and exertion so as to get your pooch to an agreeable degree of preparing.

Be that as it may, when you and your pooch have a decent daily practice of activity, preparing, recess, quality food, and some relaxing – have confidence they’ll quiet down and appreciate the simple life.

The Rating System

We give rating dependent on dependent on their conduct towards individuals and different mutts. While most mutts will react well to their proprietors, they might be dubious of outsiders (or even forceful).

Simple to Train is just founded on their responsiveness to learning. While a few varieties are extremely canny.

Great With Kids poses the inquiry of how well they react to kids being in the home. A low evaluating implies these mutts will be dubious or conceivably hurtful to youthful ones.

Simple to Groom! It allude your canine need a great deal of brushing or recommendation from the custodian?

Diverse pooch breeds has distinctive hair prepping needs.

Vitality Level depends on how sluggish or vivacious your canine is. A 5-star rating implies this pooch is consistently prepared to play, and is completely bobbing off the dividers with vitality.

What’s more, 1-Star rating implies this pooch goes under lethargic canine variety. Remember most young doggies are vigorous until they adult, and as mutts get more established they will in general become increasingly quiet.

Can Be Left Alone. Canines are social creatures, and in about all cases hounds essentially don’t care for being disregarded. On the off chance that you’re frequently away for extended periods of time, at that point it’s suggested you don’t get a pooch. Or on the other hand, have somebody deal with them while you’re away.

Low Maintenance  Dog – Small Breeds

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Low Maintenance Dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Carefree Spaniel

The Cavalier is a delicate soul who needs to impart their adoration to everybody around them. Their cordial mentality is promptly infectious and it’s troublesome not to grin in their quality and its a low support hound.

These canines are shrewd and are happy to learn – inasmuch as you have a reward for them consequently. Be that as it may, their delicate manner implies shouting or chiding will make this canine run and escape you. Rather, utilize positive preparing and fortification, as this will assist them with learning and manufacture a confiding in relationship.

They need to go through ordinarily with you. They positively don’t care for being disregarded, so consider this pooch a movement buddy, or have somebody at home who can stay with them.

2. Chihuahua

Chihuahua-Low Maintenance Dog


 The Chihuahua is actually an amazing companion, and ready to spend the day with whatever you  have planned – whether that’s traveling in a tote, car, or going on a  vacation. Chihuahua’s are just content to be at your side, and can be described as “Velcro” dogs. So be prepared to have this little guy follow you everywhere you go, for life.

Leaving them alone can lead to a bored and destructive little dog, and they’ll relieve that boredom with a lot of barking and chewing. It’s recommended you have someone keep this dog company at nearly all times.

Even with those little legs  Chihuahuas have a surprising amount of energy to burn, and a 30 minute walk can help curb bad behaviour (such as  that excessive barking).

They are very sensitive in nature, Specially hot and cold temperatures.


Dachshunds-Low Maintenance Dog


Dachshunds (or now and then called “Doxies”) are little beloved newborns that go through their days playing and snoozing. They adjust well to pretty much any family normal, as long as it’s with the ones they love.

Regardless of their little size these pooches despite everything adoration to crude a bit, and can have a character greater than themselves. Dachshunds are likewise depicted as valiant, and need to pursue and bark at whatever tops their advantage. This will prompt a great deal of clamor in your home, and possibly irritated neighbors.

These little pooches are inconceivably brilliant, which makes showing new deceives and schedules an outright bliss. The issue accompanies their determination, and this turns out to be exceptionally obvious with potty preparing. Carton preparing and giving these mutts access to the patio consistently is totally important, or they will positively ruin your floor covering.

What makes them low support hound is their flexibility to your life. Love to snooze throughout the day? So will your Dachshund. Prepared for a little recess or an undertaking to the recreation center? They’re down for that as well!


Havanese-Low Maintenance Dog


The greatest heart of the considerable number of pooches, the Havanese has just a single thing at the forefront of it’s thoughts, and that is you. On the off chance that you’re searching for an affection stricken lap hound, at that point look no further, these pooches will be stuck to your side. Be that as it may, with all that connection the Havanese don’t care for being disregarded, and will for the most part resort to yelling pitiful melodies while you’re gone.

Early socialization is imperative to stay away from your canine from being excessively meek. And keeping in mind that preparation these canines might be a moderate procedure, it is important to control extreme woofing and other unfortunate propensities.

Havanese is a non-shedding hound, Grooming keeps them solid and cleanliness. Teddy bear hound hair styles from your custodian keep this canine resembling a little dog as long as it can remember.


Maltese-Low Maintenance Dog


Maltese is a princess (or sovereign) that lean towards the better things throughout everyday life, and regularly that likewise incorporates running, playing, and investing energy with friends and family.

The Maltese become appended to their proprietors, and they don’t care for being disregarded or, in all likelihood they may fall back on woofing and damaging conduct.

Maltese are clever, simple to prepare and these canines have insignificant shedding. You’ll be brushing your Maltese out day by day, guaranteeing there are no mats or tangles, and visiting the custodian routinely for upkeep and wellbeing.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer-Low Maintenance Dog

Miniature Schnauzer

Boundless vitality and the world’s greatest heart, that is the thing that you get with a Schnauzer. Their excitement and friendship knows no limits, and you can anticipate that this person should be skipping silly with them.

Schnauzers love to be the focal point of consideration, they’ll put on an act for you and your companions and are astounding comics. This makes them a superb partner – on the off chance that you can oblige their fiery way of life. Every day practice is significant for the Schnauzer, or they may take their fatigue out by being ruinous.

They are at the head of their group, and in a quiet domain can learn rapidly. Mental incitement is similarly as significant at physical for the Schnauzer, and they long for learning and investigating.

They should be prepared each 6 – two months to trim that wiry hair and keep them looking incredible. Their blasts will in general develop rapidly and spread their eyes, making running (and seeing) troublesome, so normal visits to the custodian will keep your Schnauzer upbeat.


Papillon-Low Maintenance Dog


Alert, enthusiastic, and continually scanning for their next enormous experience – the Papillon is consistently watching out for entertainment only. These are small canines that have a major soul, and are not worried about their absence of size.

The Papillons most loved take a break is putting on an act for it’s proprietors, as they request your consideration consistently. Regardless of whether it’s playing, running, hopping, or licking your face – this little pooch is consistently in a hurry. In any case, it’s everything in acceptable fun.

In spite of all that vitality and interruptions they are extremely sharp students, which cause them to exceed expectations at preparing and readiness courses. Besides, they are an outright euphoria to prepare as they love new difficulties and individual time with their proprietors.


Pomeranian-Low Maintenance Dog


An occasionally excessively certain difficulty creator (however it’s everything in acceptable fun) the Pomeranian is the star of their own show. They can be depicted as certain, inquisitive, and appreciate being dealt with like a ruler (or princess).

They can be generally difficult with potty preparing and over the top woofing.

These mutts are an ideal accessory to go on undertakings with, they appreciate going through their days chasing after you and truly appreciate new encounters. Simply remember they’re touchy to warmth and need to chill now and then.

They needs day by day upkeep, Their feathery coat need brushing, and they can shed a noteworthy measure of hair.


pug-Low Maintenance Dog

My precious Pug

Good things come in small packages…like a Pug who is small but cute, his dark, melting eyes will make you forget your worries and his happy disposition will spread happiness all around.

1. Small but muscular: A small dog, Pugs have a charming personality…they are short, muscular and have a shiny coat. And don’t forget their characteristic wrinkled face, which adds to their cute look.

2. Love to please: They are extremely devoted to their pet parents and love to please them at all times.

3. Social family dog: They are extremely social and are not a one-person dog.

4. Daily cleaning: Regular brushing is necessary to remove their shedding hair. They do need daily cleaning of their facial wrinkles and cleaning of their eyes and ears on daily basis is also a must.

5. Take care in extreme temperatures: Since they are short-nosed, they can become over-heated quickly. Also, they cannot withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and so should be kept in a suitable temperature at all times.

6. Exercise for fun and health: They love to play and sensible exercise routine is a must to keep them healthy, fit and fine.

Lhasa Apso

shih tzu-Low Maintenance Dog

Ravishing Lhasa Apso

Flowing tresses, beautiful expressive eyes…Lhasa Apso has everything a poet wants.

1. Small but sturdy: A Lhasa Apso is a small sized dog but is quite sturdy for his size.

2. Beautiful mane: His dense coat is straight and long. Most popular colours are gold, cream and honey, though multi-colours of brown, grey and black are also found.

3. Devoted to pet parent: They are friendly but assertive and are affectionate towards their pet parent. They love to obey and please them.

4. Good watchdog: Don’t go by their size as their keen sense of hearing makes them good watch dogs.

5. Do well in apartments: They are quite active indoors and are suitable for apartments.

6. Daily walk and play: They love to walk and play.

Toy poodle

Toy poodle-Low Maintenance Dog

Toy poodle

Poodles are at the head of their group, being positioned as one of the most insightful pooch breeds. They are anxious to satisfy their proprietors, and with every one of those cerebrums it makes them extremely quick to preparing.

You may envision a poodle as being exquisite, delicate animals (and they unquestionably can be), yet what you probably won’t expect is poodles to be unimaginable competitors. Poodles live for learning and preparing, so they need every day exercise or they may result to dangerous conduct.

At a youthful age they are loaded with vitality with a lot of “talking” to do, and now and then they go try too hard to find something by burrowing and running. They need an emphatic pioneer to set the principles, or they may take the move upon themselves, which can prompt forceful conduct.

While these pooches have negligible shedding, you’ll be visiting your custodian at any rate once every 4 to about a month and a half to keep up such feathery hair development. We suggest getting the correct sort of brush for your poodle to spare you a few cerebral pains.


Yorkshire_Terrier-Low Maintenance Dog


“Yorkies” are the star of their own show, and they need to ensure everybody is viewing. They have a ton of character to flaunt, and it surely accompanies some backtalk. These canines were initially reproduced to chase rodents, and these qualities are still clear as their prey drive is off the diagrams. Flying creatures, squirrels, and different critters will top their advantage, which is generally trailed by pursuing and yelping.

These pooches can have a heartless way with outsiders, hounds, and here and there other relatives.

These are adorable little lap-hounds that affection to play and investigate, and are ideal for loft proprietors with no kids. What’s more, with a little early socialization they figure out how to play well with different pooches.

Low Maintenance Dog – Medium Breeds




How might you oppose those eyes and delightful ears? The Basset Hound is a magnificent family friend, however accompanies a little willfulness and a LOT of amusing character attributes.

While energetically faithful to their proprietors, they despite everything may require a bit of persuading with regards to preparing, and may just react to the great treats. Be that as it may, they are known to be extremely delicate spirits and don’t react to chiding or negative preparing. So a great deal of persistence is required from their proprietors.

Day by day strolls are as yet required, however on the off chance that going on long runs isn’t your thing, at that point this may be the correct canine for you.

Bassets are not excited about being disregarded for extensive stretches of time, and will voice their interests in their notable Basset Hound cry. They can likewise be very vocal during recess or even while they rest.



Everything that makes a canine incredible is in this little adorable bundle. Beagles are steadfast, kind, lively, and continually searching for an undertaking

There is nothing more heartbroken than a desolate Beagle, so disregarding this one home will surely prompt irritating conduct, for example, biting, burrowing, or yapping.

On that note – Beagles require a great deal of preparing forthright to check those awful practices, or you may end up with some irate neighbors. They’re regularly extremely difficult with preparing, and takes a considerable measure of persistence to gain any ground. Numerous proprietors state having two Beagles is better than having one as they stay with one another.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels: a joy breed!

Sensitive and demure, that’s how a Cocker Spaniel is. He is suitable as both a gundog and a pet.

1. Hair so silky: Cockers have beautiful hair, their silky coat is flat or wavy.

2. Suitable for all: They are awesome as family pets and also as gundogs. They are gentle with children and elders. They also do well with other pets.

3. Good with neighbours: They will rarely bark at neighbours and disturb them.

4. Sweet disposition: They are sweet, gentle and obedient; they are so cheerful that they are a joy to be around.

5. Good for apartment life: They are quite active indoors and can live in an apartment, given their daily dose of exercise.

6. Easy maintenance: Their shining coat rules out the myth that long-haired dogs shed a lot of hair. Simply brush and comb to remove dead hair and keep their coats shining all the times

Low Maintenance Dog –   Large Breeds

Bernese Mountain-Low Maintenance Dog

Bernese Mountain

Bernese Mountain Dogs or “Berners” are truly goliath humorists with large hearts. Their whole objective in life is to make individuals chuckle at their day by day shenanigans, and they have no lack of character.

In spite of all that ridiculousness they’re responsive to preparing, and that originates from needing to satisfy their proprietors. They totally love family exercises and need just to partake in the entirety of your every day experiences. As a result of this they don’t care for being disregarded, and can regularly prompt dangerous conduct.

Those large, delicate hearts of theirs can without much of a stretch be harmed by negative preparing or admonishing. So tolerance and positive preparing is the thing that will assist them with learning and become a superior relative.

A Bernese is a ton of pooch. They are not low upkeep hound, they need customary preparing , even you can’t take off alone for extensive stretch. Be that as it may, their drive to be a piece of your family makes them effectively trainable and a great partner.

Greyhounds seldom bark

Greyhounds seldom bark

You would imagine that claiming the quickest pooch on the planet would be truly tumultuous . And keeping in mind that Greyhounds have a great deal of activity needs, they’re quite quiet and adorable. They appreciate going through their days resting, relaxing in the sun, and spending time with their family. They are truley low upkeep.

Greyhounds seldom bark or make commotion, except if left alone for any all-encompassing timeframe. Also, they’re unbelievably splendid, making preparing a flat out satisfaction.

They can be an exceptionally tentative variety, and may give indications of anxiety around outsiders and new pooches. That is the reason it’s suggested you mingle them at an early age to build up some certainty.

Greyhounds were initially a chasing breed, and still give extremely solid indications of that today. In the event that they see an animal running at the recreation center you can wager this canine will pursue it with all that they got – and they can run extremely, quick. You should keep your Greyhound chained consistently, or in a fenced zone with at any rate 6 foot high fences.



Initially utilized as a working variety for fishing pontoons and docks, this canine has now resigned to the simple existence of family and unwinding. The Newfoundland is known for their quiet mien, however boldness when a demonstration of chivalry is required. There are many stunning accounts of these mutts protecting kids, individuals, or different pooches from perilous circumstances.

The Newfoundland is even more a relative than a canine, they normally take care of youthful ones, and show huge steadfastness and love to their proprietors. Fundamentally, you are embracing 100+ pounds of affection.

These are low upkeep in the a feeling that these pooches are sweet, quiet, and splendid students.

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle is exquisite, athletic, tough, smart and low upkeep hound. These are a couple of the Standard Poodles best characteristics.

In spite of looking somewhat “modest”, these are tough creatures that affection a little unpleasant play and taking long strolls. An every day schedule of activity and mental incitement is the thing that will keep your Poodle in the clear.

I’m certain you’ve seen the intricate poodle hair styles – and regardless of whether that is not your thing, these canines need broad preparing to keep them sound.

SchnauzerLow Maintenance Dog



Huge hearts and boundless vitality, that is only the Schnauzer adage. Much the same as their nearby family members, the Miniature Schnauzer and Giant Schnauzer, this is a medium estimated form with fundamentally the same as characteristics and its a low support hound as well.

Schnauzers are delicate, tender, and their point is to make you grin. This makes them a great buddy – in the event that you can suit their vigorous way of life. Every day practice is critical for the Schnauzer, or they may take their weariness out by being damaging.

These canines are profoundly keen, and they are completely mindful of exactly how savvy they are, so they can be an astute and underhanded variety. They love to satisfy their proprietors and are exceptionally open to preparing, which is the reason they are a typical sight in readiness and chasing.

You’ll generally perceive a Schnauzer when you see one, with a dark ‘wiry’ coat, and unmistakable mustache. That coat needs upkeep in any case, so brushing in any event 3 times each week and normal visits to the custodian will keep your pooch cheerful.



Lovable Labs

The most docile, lovable and reliable natured dog – what more can you ask for?

1. Strong n’ athletic: They are medium-sized dogs but strongly built and athletic.

2. Weather-resistant coat: Their weather-resistant undercoat provides protection from water, cold, etc.

3. Great family dogs: Loyal, loving, patient and affectionate – Labs go well with all family members and other pets.

4. Easy to train: They can be easily trained and they love to please their family. But train them from puppyhood.

5. Active dogs: An ideal pet for an active family, they love to exercise.

6. Bathing beauties: They love to play with water and are good swimmers.

7. its a Low Maintenance Dog

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers: Simply ‘golden’

Beautiful and generous – your best friend for life!

1. So beautiful: The shiny coat of a Golden Retriever requires regular grooming. Their hair can be cream or golden colour.

2. Charms to kill: Lovable, charming and intelligent – that’s how a Golden Retriever is.

3. Easy to train: Love to please, so it is easy to train them for obedience training.

4. Love to retrieve: They love to play ball and Frisbee.

5. Adjust to apartment life: Given adequate amount of exercise, they are happy to live in an apartment.

6. Good watchdogs: They keep strangers at bay and its a Low Maintenance Dog too.


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