Dog Salon at Home : A Step-by-Step Guide


You love cuddling with your dog, most especially when its coat is clean and soft. But what are you going to do if your furry baby starts to look more like a tramp, instead of a fresh and hygienic doggo and you cannot get it to the groomer? Don’t worry here are some Home Dog Salon tips for you.

 If you have a dog or thinking of welcoming a dog into your life, you must know about bathing and grooming care. it is your responsibility to take care of your Dog’s hygiene for their long and healthy life.


Here’s just a few common things you might be forgetting when it comes to home grooming.

  • Using way too much or too little shampoo
  • Not cleaning deep enough into their fur
  • Not properly rinsing (leftover soap will irritate skin and grow bacteria)
  • Not drying properly
  • Forgetting to clean their paws (they sweat from their paws!)
  • Missing their face, ears, or entire head
  • Choosing the right shampoos/conditioners for your dog’s needs

Don’t feel intimidated by this list.

Grooming your canine shouldn’t be rocket science.

But there’s definitely room for improvement,

From Dog Salon tips you will learn about how to do dog grooming at home, So without further delay, let’s get started!

 Dog Salon Tips No1- What Tools needed for home grooming  

You must have some basic knowledge of the different grooming practices and This Home Dog Salon Tips will assist you in achieving a good result and keep your dog safe & comfortable while it’s being groomed.

 In this section, we will discuss the best tools that you can use for the job. These dog Salon tips for tools are very important in doing the task. Make sure that before you start grooming your pooch, you have all the necessary tools laid out as mentioned below.

Grooming Tools

Here are some of the main grooming tools that you will need for dog grooming.

Grooming Glove
Grooming Glove

Dog Salon Tips No 2- What Shampoo/Conditioner To Use?

The type of shampoo and conditioner you get largely depends on your dog’s coat. Here’s some guidelines:

Dog Shampoo
Four in One Dog Shampoo
  • For shedding dogs: A deshedding formula works wonders for removing loose coat. These slick down the hairs with healthy omega oils, allowing for much easier removal.
  • For non-shedding: Any kind of dog specific shampoo/conditioner will work here.
  • For sensitive skin: Find a shampoo specifically formulated for sensitive skin, the less ingredients the better. Avoid oatmeal based shampoo unless they have dry skin.
  • For Puppies: Tearless puppy formulas.
  • For their Face: Your dog’s face is extra sensitive. I recommend a tearless shampoo to use specifically on their face. Otherwise just use water.

Now that you know the different essential grooming tools and Shampoo to use. Let us now move on to the proper grooming of your dog at home. Let’s start with bathing!

Dog Salon Tips No3How to do Dog Bathing at Home

You might be wondering, why should you bathe your dog? Well, bathing your dog when necessary is a significant part of the overall pet care. For dogs who have healthy coat and skin, the most typical reason to bathe is to get rid of the unpleasant odor or because they have acquired dirt on their coat. 

Furthermore, the benefits of bathing may include cleaning the coat and skin. This helps in getting rid of loose hair, debris, and scale; as well as to improve the shine of the hair coat. For dogs that have particular skin conditions, bathing might be a part of their medical treatment plan, as per the advice of their veterinarian.

Dog Salon Tips No4How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

As a general rule of thumb: It’s best to bathe whenever your dog starts to get stinky, greasy, or begins to show matting.

The typical bathing schedule is once every 6 to 12 weeks.

Bathing too often strips their coat of essential oils that protect their skin and hair. Too few baths leads to matting and an unpleasant smell.

You can bathe your dog more often, but carefully selecting shampoos and conditioners becomes incredibly important as to not irritate skin.

Dog Salon Tips No 5How to do Brushing to your canine at Home

Once the coat of your dog is already dry, brush it painstakingly to remove matted, tangled, and dead hair. Combing and/or brushing the hair of your dog is so important. It helps in keeping the dog’s coat in great shape. Not only that, but it also helps in distributing healthy natural skin oils all over the hair shaft, thus promoting a shiny coat and helping the dirt to slide off its hair. This may also help in reducing the need to bath the dog, and hence reducing the frequency of taking a bath.

Brushing your dog does not just benefit your dog, you also benefit from doing it. It helps in strengthening the positive relationship bond between you and your dog. It must be a comfortable and pleasant experience for both of you.

 Just like in bathing your dog, how often should you brush your dog will depend on your dog itself. Remember, dogs have different brushing needs since they don’t have the same coat type and latest activities.

Dogs must be brushed as needed. Pet owners must monitor their dog’s coat for any conditions, looking formats, tangles, or dullness that indicates that they may need a brush.

 Dog Salon Tips No6How to do Dog Hair cut at Home  

 Aside from brushing, some dogs may also need their hair cut or trimmed occasionally. Your local Grooming centre may advise and show you how you can safely do dog grooming at home. If you are not confident enough to cut your dogs hair on your own, you may also visit local Grooming centre for professional groomer. Cutting hair is quite a difficult challenge. We recommended for a professional groomer. 

 For some dogs, the common body areas that may need regular trimming include:

  • Hair around the lower jaw and chin that traps food
  • Hair around the anus that traps faces
  • Ares around the eyes, in case the hair is obscuring the vision or is causing irritation

Even though you want to do yourself your Canin grooming, it is still important that you ask your nearby groomer for advice. Furthermore, you should never point scissors towards your dog and you need to take extra care when cutting hair around the eyes.

To calm the behavior of your dog so it will behave while you cut its hair, you can use food treats as a reward.

Caring for your dog’s Ears Cleaning Solution, Dog nail trimming, Teeth, and Paws read my articles on this topic.

Dog Salon Tips No-7What to avoid while Dog Grooming

Here are the things that you should avoid while grooming:

  1. Have passions don’t rush at the time of grooming
  2. Do not use scented shampoo, as chemicals may irritate your dog’s nose and skin.
  3. Do not get water in their nose! If they get water in their nose, let go and let them clear out the water on their own. DO NOT RINSE until dog has stopped coughing / wheezing.
  4. Washing properly make sure no shampoo in the coat.
  5. Do not bath your dog too frequently.
  6. Do NOT cut their nails right before their bath. Otherwise you’ll have freshly cut (and razor sharp) dog nails on wet skin. If they scratch you or themselves it could be very painful.
  7. Do not trim your dog’s nail too short, it might be painful
  8. Do not forget to clean the ears

Final Say

Combining hygiene, home grooming, plus regular professional grooming visits will leave your dog’s eyes, ears, nails, teeth, coat, and paws clean and healthy –making not just him but everyone at home happy.

 Bear in your mind that you are your dog’s biggest protector and advocate. By knowing Dog Salon tips, hopeyou will avoid any injuries. It is so common that dogs become anxious in unfamiliar conditions. The best way for you to ensure that your dog stays calm throughout the grooming is to launch a consistent grooming practice as early as possible.     


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