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So You Want To Learn Pet or Dog Grooming Courses?!

Dog grooming Courses are rewarding career improving animal welfare and being paid to work artistic magic on dogs, cats, and sometimes even angora rabbits and long haired Guinea Pigs. Some people are just dog groomers, others work across all the species. You can work part time, casual, full time and you can own your own business or work for someone else. There is a national shortage of senior level groomers, but you have to start at the base levels and work your way up!

India pet care market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 20% in the forecasted period of FY 2017-18 to FY 2021-22. The market is categorised into four segments i.e. pet food, pet accessories, pet grooming and pet healthcare.

Dog grooming Courses

India pet care market continues to grow in double digits despite headwinds like Covid19. The Indian Pet industry includes more than 23 MILLION dogs and more than 4 MILLION owned (spoiled!) cats, and only around 4000 (Approx.) pet groomers.

What do you need to be a good pet/dog groomer?

  • A decent work ethic – you work hard, but you get to really see the positive results of your work!
  • Be reasonably fit and healthy – you will be bending, standing and moving all day
  • A willingness to learn – pet or dog grooming is a more highly trained role than most people think!
  • A willingness to get on with people – pets have owners who love them!
  • Not be too squeamish – a normal part of the job includes dealing with faeces, urine and slobber

Other State Students are NOT a barrier!  In Bangalore we have accommodation and career progression for students, Students will be trained at ‘world standard’ level.

So do you still think you want to be a pet or dog groomer?

You WILL need training – if you hold yourself out to be a pet or dog groomer without training, you may be sued by angry clients for misleading and deceptive behaviour!

 NOTE! “Online” Dog grooming Courses are NOT recommended, as pet / dog grooming is a hands-on competency. You will need one-on-one teaching both to develop the skills you need to an acceptable standard, & develop commercial speed. Many students doing online courses have difficulty getting work placement, and a number have complained of finding it difficult to get employment.

The Career Progression for Pet or Dog Groomers…

Step 1: Grooming Technician level/Cert II level

This is the ‘base level’ for dog or employees in the grooming sector, and is really a person who can competently bath, brush, demat, shampoo, condition and dry a pet, with clipping skills for the sanitary areas. It allows you to operate a mobile dog wash service with competence and confidence, or become a salon assistant in a grooming salon.

Courses include the Certificate II in pet grooming.

You will learn from this Dog grooming Courses:

  • how to deal with clients, including ascertaining their requirements and managing complaints
  • different breeds, skin, behaviour and coat types for dogs and cats
  • grooming equipment, health and safety aspects
  • how to demat a pet, clip sanitary areas & feet, select shampoos and conditioners, bath, & dry pets
  • working at commercial speeds
  • diseases and pests affecting pets at grooming including those that can affect humans
  • record keeping, waste management, value adding, disclaimers and other ‘tricks of the trade’

At the end of this course call yourself a Grooming Technician. You can work as an assistant in a Grooming Salon, or operate a mobile dog washing business.

2. Step 2: The Licensed or Professional Pet Groomer Level

This the training level you commonly see for stylists in grooming salons.

Courses include the Certificate III in pet grooming. which when taught well actually produces a level slightly higher than “Pet Groomer”. A number of private colleges do teach Grooming well, but CHECK FIRST. Costs vary widely and so does quality, and the number of animals you groom as a student.

At the Pupintub pet services Academy in Bangalore, your prior studies in the Grooming Technician course will count as Recognition of Prior Learning, if you continue to studies to Groomer level. 

You will learn from this Dog grooming Courses:

  • pet styling using clippers, including blade selection, clipping angles
  • developing overall styles by blocking, achieving symmetry & balance, and techniques for shaping
  • basic breed styling, some Poodle clips and  shih-tzu styling.
  • new techniques including carding and hand stripping
  • learning ‘scissoring’  – the ability to achieve a smooth and velvety or specialist finishes using scissors of different types
  • value adding, competition preparation
  • working at commercial speeds
  • higher level workplace health and safety considerations,

At the end of dog grooming Courses, you can call yourself a Licensed or Professional Pet Groomer. You can work as groomer in Grooming Salon, or operate a grooming business.

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