Akita the amazing dog with mesmerising oriental eyes


Akita the amazing dog with mesmerising oriental eyes

Large dogs with mesmerising oriental eyes, quiet but intelligent, Akita form excellent companion animals. An Akita named Hachiko became immortal after he patiently waited at the railway station for his master to return for almost 10 years, oblivious of the fact that his master had died when he was at work. A statue of Hachiko still greets everybody at the Shibuya Station in Japan.

The gorgeous features…

The Akita is strange dogs… Their personality, the honour that they have in their soul. Akitas striking features include the gorgeous big bear like head, the hooded small ears that follow the crest of the neck, the wonderful bone and the stunning full tail that is always large and full, set high, and carried over back, full or double curl. When I see their oriental eyes, so deep and black, I fall in love! Akita dogs are so elegant in the movement, there’s no other like them. The height of males is 26-28 inches while that of females is 24-26 inches. They are available in different colours, ranging from white, brindle or pinto.


The loyalty…

Akita is very powerful dog, with high dignity, very proud and serious, quiet but with pure intelligence. Akita dogs are loyal companions, besides being fantastic watchdogs. Akitas on the most part are aloof. This however shouldn’t be confused with a standoff temperament. Akita is a proud dog who likes to be the leader of his pack or family. If you show the Akitas leadership and loyalty they will repay this tenfold. If trained correctly, the Akita will be good with children. This must be a two-way process though; with the child treating the Akita with both respect and good behaviour. A word of warning must be the Akita will regard the child as one of his pack, so care must be taken when other children are visiting. The Akita will look to protect his pack children against other people or children and he may get confused during normal children’s boisterous nature. Akita dogs are very intelligent and can outsmart humans. These dogs really do think and make choices for themselves. Due to their intellect and single-minded nature, they require a lot of patience and most definitely consistency in our approach.

The basic grooming…

They need to be groomed daily to remove any surplus hair. Thick short coats of Akitas consist of two layers, which normally shed once or twice a year. Once the shedding occurs, it may continue for some weeks, it’s very important to keep brushing them on daily basis. It should be kept in mind that Akitas don’t need excessive bathing. But in order to prevent any excess hair, give your Akita a bath right after the second week of shedding. Grooming also helps in developing interaction with your pet and it is a daily treat for them.

The exercise needs…

People sometimes make the mistake of over exercising young Akitas too much; they need to be out and socializing but shouldn’t be over exercised due to them being a slow maturing breed. When they are fully mature, then is the time to start giving full exercise, as they like nothing better than a good walk. A word of caution, though as a rule, Akitas shouldn’t be walked off the lead as they can have very selected hearing and only come back to the handler when they want.

The play time…

The Akita usually likes playing with a football. They seldom play fetch and retrieve for long as they easily get bored.

Life with Akitas…

A large dog, they are not suited for inexperienced owners and need kind but firm guidance and training. Also, they are not the easiest dog to train as Akitas are independent thinkers and clever too. But when trained, they are an absolute joy to own.

The health issues…

Some of the hereditary problems include hip dysplasia and eye problems. In Japan, Akita is termed a “national treasure” as an Akita in a home is believed to be a symbol of good health, prosperity and good fortune. “Having had the breed for a long time, and also numerous Akitas throughout that time, it is amazing to see their traits from a five weeks puppy all the way to their older years.

 You can bring home an Akita if you love this breed, not for fashion… and you will be happy and satisfied for all life.

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