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PetInTub Pet grooming centre was founded on two basic principles of our believes. 1st do what you promise with complete transparency and 2nd do your BEST work every day.
We are the 1st grooming centre in Bangalore who gives most priority on transparency, cleanliness and focus on the Pets need and concerns. We strive to be different and the Best. 

We take our art very seriously. Our goal is to provide the best atmosphere where the pets can feel relax, calm and playful. We have built our grooming center to provide the service to the pets. We have created an environment where any pets comes goes home with a big smile, smelling nice and with lots of treats.

We also provide pet grooming course. its a 3 months course. Its help and educate the students on how to be a professional groomer and also how to beat the market by our proven system and strategy. Anyone who is looking forward to starting a new career and or wanting to switch form the old and boring Job 


Meet The Directors


Robi ul - Director & Growth hacker

Robi ul is a Groomer, Director and Growth hacker for the company. He always wanted to do something related to dogs and that was the idea of how PetInTub came across. He always want to utilise his entrepreneur mindset and digital experience. It started while he was working in corporate. It started like a hobby and then he decided to take it full time and quit his job. They founded PetInTub pet services 

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